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Christian Faith is Key to Who We Are As an Organization

It drives us to love and serve others.

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           After migrating to the United States, finishing school, and establishing a career, the opportunity arose to return to her motherland. With a sense of purpose and a heart full of gratitude, she went back to Olongapo City, eager to continue the work her father had started. She revisited the familiar places where she had once walked alongside her father, now ready to carry on the remarkable legacy he had left.

          It all started with a seed of altruism planted in the heart of a little girl. From a very young age, Michelle followed along as her father went on every mission in Olongapo City, Philippines, volunteering and giving time and resources to communities in need. Observing and learning from her father’s selflessness and dedication, they traveled from the bustling city to the remote villages in the mountains, distributing food, offering financial support, and bringing along a team of ministers to share God’s word and teachings. These experiences had a profound influence on Michelle, encouraging her to continue to help others in any way she can.

How we Started...

            Michelle had the opportunity to travel and conduct personal mission trips to countries including Kenya, Thailand, and others, which gave her a clearer vision of what was happening around the world.  She witnessed firsthand the struggles of communities outside the Philippines that also needed a helping hand. Her heart was burdened by these little children needing food, shelter, clothing, education, and other necessities.  But most importantly, family and community.


           During several of these trips, she partnered with local organizations, offering vital support.  She provided direct assistance and was able to give some of them a platform and a voice; helped raise necessary funds for daily operations.  She aims to continue to help these communities share their stories with a wider audience, thereby increasing their chances of receiving all the support they can possibly receive. 

             Today, her journey of giving and helping others, inspired by her faith in God and her father’s legacy, envisions to grow and to reach more countries across continents, touching lives, and spreading kindness far and wide.

       Blessings Overflow Worldwide is deeply rooted in Christian faith and guide mission to serve and uplift those in need, especially at-risk children. This value shapes our actions, decisions, and interactions with the world. Michelle's deep relationship with Christ is also a foundation of this organization. She experienced how God created a big impact in her life, how He saved her, and how God's love changed her life. In return of having this blessed life, she wants to let other feels how God can create an impact in their life as well. This faith-driven journey was a testament to the transformative power of God's love, and committed to spreading that love to as many children and families as possible.

Meet The Team

The founders of Blessings Overflow Worldwide are a dedicated team working passionately to improve the world. With diverse expertise and a shared commitment to humanitarian causes, they collaborate tirelessly to provide aid and opportunities to those in need. Their collective efforts inspire positive change and embody the transformative power of unity and compassion.

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